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Halo Dressing Room: This! Is! Spartans!
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Welcome to the Halo Dressing Room!

This is a place for Halo characters from different games to meet, interact, have fun, and possibly shoot things. No idea. But jump in, chill out, and enjoy the scenery before it gets blown up!

* Characters from all over the canon Halo universe are welcome - game, novel, comic, ARG, you name it, you're okay here. Characters from machinima or fan series such as Red Vs. Blue are also welcome here.

* Original characters, AUs, anything like that? Come on in! Anything goes, really, as long as a character somehow fits into the Halo universe.

* Multiple versions of any character are allowed, and more than that, encouraged.

* Remember to play nice OOC, though - Keep It Clean! This is somewhere to have fun and relax. Trolls, spammers and people who generally act like 12-year-olds on Xbox Live (you know the ones) will be banhammered.

* Keep any explicit or adult material filtered and friendslocked to the community.

* Most importantly, have fun!

For OOC communication, discussion, introductions, or anything like that, stop by halodr_ooc.

Contact the mod at markthreesoldierATgmailDOTcom with any concerns.