Halo Dressing Room: This! Is! Spartans!

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Mod announcement: Welcome!
dragonchan wrote in halo_dressing
Hi, everyone! Welcome to the Halo Dressing Room; I'm glad to see people settling in OK.

First things first: I'd like to announce that we now have an OOC community! You'll find it at halodr_ooc; I suggest people join it for discussions, announcements, and all that good stuff.

However, while we're here - as this community starts up, is there anything anyone wants to mention? Any points they wish to raise? Any ideas for future events, even? As this *is* a dressing room rather than a formal game, things around here will likely be very laid-back, but I'm up for any advice and ideas.

Thanks! Have fun, everyone!

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I know there was a Halo rp on LJ before, and we all sort of... trailed off... ^^; I would love to see some serious rp alongside the casual. Just because running with a miniplot every now and again (i.e. a banshee falls out of the sky for no reason and drops down an Elite who wants to kill everyone off, or something comes into BG via that cave that leads to the beach and forces them to set out for a brief period of time, etc). I'm just wondering where this is taking place? Post Season 5? I know they were sent into the future, but then I don't understand how Reconstruction or any of the miniseries are possible. XD Because they would all have been long dead.

Lol Just a few little things...

Okay, lessee...
Dressing room RPs generally exist somewhere that's 'not quite anywhere' in relation to anywhere else. So it's possible for different worlds and continuities to exist next to each other; classic Halo, original!RvB, Reconstruction, some way out crazy AU or some totally other branch of Halo fandom... it's not set actually at any given point, just whenever the characters want to come from, they just find their way there somehow. This isn't Blood Gulch, though it might end up looking like it... it's just... somewhere, really. Work with whatever plot-background you like for your own characters, other players work with their own. Does that make sense?
The ideas for miniplots sound pretty good, it'll be nice to spice things up now and again. :)

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