Halo Dressing Room: This! Is! Spartans!

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not_teal wrote in halo_dressing


[Looks around]


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Bullshit, dude, you can't call dibs on a place!

Sure y'can, people do it all the time! That's how we get colonies. I was here first, I called it, that's the way it works!

...Guess I can't argue with that logic. Whatever, dude, not like I really care.

*Steps in* Fine. But I call dibs on the tank. ... All the tanks. Any tank that comes through. I get dibs.

Oh hay there!

Tha's cool, so long as you watch where you point it.

And as long as the tank don't mind.

[Walks in. Looks around]

Well, where's your flag?

Oh. Uh, that's back at the base. We're not supposed to let it go outside, especially after what happened last time.

That so?

[Reaches back, pulls out a weird stick thing...presses a button and ta-da, portable flag...thing. Then stabs it into the ground]


What? Oh, that is bullshit.

Next time, try bringing a flag.

You're telling me... that you brought a flag... just in case.

What's that supposed to be a flag of, anyway?

Come prepared for anything and everything. Just in case.

[...Looks at the flag. Then looks back]

As of now, it's a flag of this place.

Dude, you suck. Everyone knows you need to carry a flag. I have folded flags tucked away in this armor in places you didn't even know flags could be tucked in to. And if I run out of flags and someone aruges my claim... [Lifts a fist threateningly for a moment.]

((So anyway, when's this puppy gettin' on its way? We need some action. :) Going to be... awesome.))

Hey, if you've got the flag, I've got the pole.



[Stares at him from behind her visor.]

Really? Really. I... don't know how to respond to that.

[Looks at Washington, then back at Tucker.] So anyway, who cares who owns this place? It's a canyon in the middle of nowhere. Nothing is going on. I can't believe I had an assignment in this place...

Don't listen to Church, he's just jokin'.

In fact, yeah - never listen to him ever. At all.

Fine. As long as I have the sniper rifle, I don't care.

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